The Beauty Of Handmade Murano Glass Lights

Just in case you are just hearing about Murano Glass lights for the first time, this is to let you know that you have been missing out on the splendor of this world-renowned jewelry. In its core, Murano glass is a material made of a homogeneous mixture of various substances in the form of a glass powder.

Murano Glasses are synonymous with history, culture, tradition, and art preservation that has been passed down from father to son, generation to generation. These art pieces blend perfection and design, elegance, and creativity and are created with techniques that the masters of glass possess, i.e., Murano glassmakers. So what makes these glass lights unique and the top choice in case you want luxury? The unique qualities include the following.

Extraordinary reflective quality

As a result of its heavier, more substantial glass, even though it may appear light and airy, Murano glass lights have an extraordinary reflective quality. This enables these lights to complement all decors with ease. There are so many forms and colors of these lights that they can always add a touch of elegance to the interior decor of your home.

Adds glamour no matter what

A Murano glass light is the best way to freshen or lighten traditional decor. You would do the room great good when you use a Murano lamp on a very classic furniture piece. It instantly adds a bit of glitz and glamour to whatever dull element is present in the room.

Appreciates in Value

Authentic Murano glass lamps are not just pieces of stylish decor but also great investments. Genuine Murano artwork does not reduce in value as other glass pieces reduce in value. Murano glass is one that holds its value over time. In fact, some Murano glass lamps even increase in value.

The uniqueness of each piece

Each original Murano glass piece is a unique piece of artwork, and this means that it cannot be produced industrially, and each object can not be identical to another one. Look at the natural imperfections of any piece of Murano glass, you can lay your hands-on, and you will appreciate the mastery of the glass master. This is really emotional and true. No two pieces of Murano glass lamps are the same, and this is because they are handmade.

Owning a real Murano glass is a truly unique and exceptional experience. When the rays of sunlight shine through the Murano glass and its colors become alive, one can truly appreciate the ancient tradition of Murano glass making. These fantastic pieces of art are usually signed by the artists too! You should look out for this when purchasing one for your home.

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