Latest trends in Premium Wooden Flooring Design

It is usually fascinating when the time has come for you to do the remodel you have always dreamed of until you realize that choosing the flooring can be daunting, especially when you don't have the necessary information to help you make the premium choice.

There has been an increase of interest in wooden flooring as it comes with durability, style, and elegance; it adds value to the home and is available in various types. Its beauty can't be matched with that of any other flooring choice, making it the best choice for homeowners who want their homes to scream class whenever guests walk in. To make the best out of what hardwood has to offer, of course, you have to make the best choice for your flooring.

Choosing wooden flooring does not have to be frustrating at all. We feel frustrated because we usually get overwhelmed by the various choices available in the marketplace. We are not sure which option will stay in style, look the best, withstand the abuse of your entire household, and still be premium at the same time.

The truth is, making your choice of flooring to suit your taste is easier than you think. This article is written to help you find the latest, best-choice premium trends in wooden flooring. Feel to weigh each of the options against the other, so you make your best choice.

Fumed or Smoked Wood Flooring

This wood flooring has been treated by putting oak wood in an enclosed environment where ammonia changes its color. Ammonia causes the wood tannins to come closer to the wood's surface, making the wood darker.

The amount of time the woods are exposed to ammonia and the type of wood determines the wood's final color and shade, which is more appealing and luxurious. This is a way of making a natural-looking, beautiful floor without staining. The beauty of these floors is naturally noticeable. Examples of fumed wood flooring choices include Malibu, Laguna, and Del Mar in the Alta Vista collection.

Bleached Wood Flooring

You may not be big on most wooden floors' brown colors and might want something softer instead. Well, the bleached woods have been made for you. These woods have been made by applying a chemical solution- bleach to the wood's surface to remove the artificial stain or dye coating the wood while the natural wood grain is still clearly visible. In this way, you don't lose the natural beauty and charm of wood flooring. It just comes with a unique color that brightens up the room.

This particular wood floor is perfect for seaside homes and country/farmhouses. Bleached woods can be expensive, but they are worth it since they are generally breathtaking. If you already have brown wood in your home and have an urge to bleach it, make sure you ask a professional as it is usually tedious and expensive.

Bright Painted Hardwood Floors

These floors are cozy, warm, soft, and welcoming, mostly because they can be painted in any color of choice and can be repainted anytime. Painted floors allow you to add a unique look that other kinds of floors can't replicate. This flooring kind is especially useful if you want to create an area where people would find fascinating and spend most of their time. If you have already installed a wood flooring that is not colored and you now wish to paint it, you should test the wood you want to paint first. This is so that you would see what it would look like first.

Distressed Wood Flooring

This wood flooring style became popular recently, even though it has been around for quite a while. This type of flooring gives the home a luxurious aged look. The wood undergoes artificial styling and aging processes to provide it with a slightly washed out finish. Distressed wood flooring is perfect for homeowners who desire for their homes to have a beautiful rustic look.

These distressed wood floors have different styles and degrees of 'distress' depending on the actions taken on the wood and the processes the wood was made to go through.

Reclaimed Barn Wood flooring

This wood flooring is an extension of the faux wood tiles that have been popular since years back. This barn wood flooring gives a distressed look and a variation of colors. It is an excellent fit for homeowners who want their house to have a warm, wooden look. Barn wood flooring is also a great choice because reclaimed barn wood is eco-friendly as you are using an existing flooring instead of discarding used floors and cutting down more wood at the same time.

It can be gotten from a variety of sources such as factories, warehouses, and even old barns. To reuse old floorings, it can be sanded and finished. Lumber used for other purposes can be resawn and milled again to be used as floors also.

Patterned Wood Flooring

Patterned wood flooring adds to the aesthetics of the home without stress. Simple to use and unique, it is a stylish form of flooring that needs to be put in place. Even though it is not very popular yet, you should not miss out on patterned floors.

These patterns add fun and a unique twist to spaces as they inject creativity and character to the projects. Examples of popular designs include Chevron, Herringbone, geometric, and square patterns. These patterns create beautiful effects in any room. However, no matter your choice of pattern, you are sure to make a strong design statement throughout your home.

Although there are so many other forms of wood flooring out there, the ones listed in this article can take your interior decor from a zero to a hundred real quick. These floorings are bold, luxurious, and they make design statements in their unique ways.

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