Furniture from the heart of Europe

Manufacturers of high-end European furniture are renowned and appreciated all over the world. This is because these craftsmen and designers from Europe are talented, and they create original and unique designs. These designs are capable of turning any space into a stylish and elegant space. The artistic qualities of these designers are well blended with technologies which can be regarded as innovative, giving European furniture an edge over all other furniture.

See this list of the best manufacturers of furniture from the heart of Europe and what they do, to help you appreciate European furniture.



This brand is synonymous with modern luxury and impeccable style. LigneRoset invites its customers to take pleasure in a design-forward, contemporary lifestyle. The brand has been existing for almost 160 years now. It has never failed to offer consumers an entire lifestyle to live boldly and beautifully via its furniture collections and the decorative accessories that complement the furniture.

LigneRoset invests in dynamic designer collaborations as a tradition, and this tradition distinguishes from other manufacturers within the same space. The brand manufactures high-end modern furniture and decorative accessories such as lightings, rugs, textiles, and much more.

Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is a world leader in furniture design and distribution. Working closely with renowned international designers, Roche Bobois offers a broad range of exclusive made-to-order, high-end furniture, chairs, armchairs, beds, tables, sofas, and a whole lot of other designs. These furniture are manufactured with a high level of customization and are made exclusively in Europe.

Roche Bobois can offer a variety of choices when it comes to customization which is exceptional. This enables customers to choose from various options in terms of color, leather type, finishing, and any other details that can make every piece of furniture unique.

Poltrona Frau

The company is associated with the finest in buttery-soft leathers, craftsmanship, and iconic Italian designs. Experts manage each product from the company from design to delivery.

This brand specializes in making leather sofas, armchairs, beds, and poufs. From the 30s to date, Poltrona Frau furnished all the important and luxurious houses, grand hotels, and the interior of Expo Turin and also the pride of the Italian Navy, the prestigious Rex.

Poltrona Frau brand represents accuracy, elegance, and style in the Italian way. The furniture are of high-quality and are manufactured to define a specific style and to offer the most comfort.


All the way from Denmark, the premium retail lifestyle brand has close to three hundred stores in over sixty countries. Boconcept designs, manufactures, and sells customizable, coordinated, and affordable modern contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories designed by international designers.

The brand believes that its designs should not come at a cost to its customers' taste or lifestyle. This is why a large percentage of its design can be customized for either color, size, components, or material.

One unique thing about the Boconcept shopping experience is that they give a comprehensive in-home interior design service. Customers can book a home visit and obtain advice on maximizing the use of their new furniture.


Luxxu believes in redesigning their consumers' definition of art with everything they create. They set trends with the timeless pieces they create. Luxxu specializes in the production of high-end furniture, lighting, and accessories, and the design combines the most classic and traditional forms with avant-garde and contemporary features.

The brand's philosophy reflects elegance, luxury, and personality, and this is expressed in every single detail of whatever item they produce. The furniture this brand makes has the ability to transform any space into a luxurious and unique shelter as it brings a combination of elegance and design into the room.


This company was found with the goal to sell furniture and promote a modern culture of living by exhibitions and other educational means. Artex today remains innovative in the world of contemporary design, continually developing new products at the point where architecture, design, and art meet.

The Artek collection stands for functionality, clarity, and simplicity. The collections consist of lighting, furniture, and accessories created by masters of design from Finland and other international designers.

Artek products can easily be combined and coordinated with one another, the able heights and sizes are made to be flexible, and surfaces and colors can be customized.

Tom Dixion

Tom Dixion, a British luxury company, is regarded as the home of extraordinary accessories. A relatively young company, Tom Dixion is represented in 90 countries all over the world. The brand has already become internationally renowned in the field of interior design.

They specialize in high-end lighting, furniture, and accessories. These products are internationally recognized as they are built with aesthetics that are inspired by the unique British heritage, trying to revive the nation's furniture industry.

Tom Dixon offers unique products that are intentionally eclectic, extravagant, and full of personality.

Boca Do Lobo

This company is a luxurious design company that has been in existence since 2005 in Portugal. The company's founders wanted to establish the ancient tradition of woodworking from Portugal in an international market. The expert artisans who work in Boca Do Lobo use ancient techniques to create timeless and unique design furniture. Tradition and passion are uniquely expressed in each of their creations. Boca Do Lobo is primarily focused on design, giving particular attention to each created piece of furniture's personality and uniqueness. The brand's luxurious and extravagant collections are produced using exceptional technologies that guarantee the wanted high-level of quality.

Europe's strong traditions, which are based on its long-established and meaningful culture and values, can be clearly seen in its furniture, making it stand out from the rest of the furniture from other parts of the world. The approach to design by most of the furniture manufacturers in Europe is nothing short of trailblazing. If you don't have at least a piece of furniture from Europe in your interior, then you are missing out on the elegance and splendor that comes from Europe!

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