Best Areas to Use Wood flooring in the house

It is a well-known fact that you can't go wrong with wood floors. Hardwood is one of the most desirable flooring materials, and it always adds value to a home. Wood floors, no matter the kind of wood they are made of, have a natural beauty that cannot be matched with any other type of floors. They easily blend with any decor, whether traditional or modern.

The best wood floors are made of wood species that are very hard and readily available, such as cherry flooring, maple flooring, and oak flooring. Of course, there are more exotic species that you would pay a premium price for, and these include mesquite, jarrah, and teak.

Research has shown that your wood flooring can be both durable and good looking. It can maintain its warm glow and shine no matter the type of wood as far as the wood flooring is installed in the right areas in the house. Different house regions undergo various levels of foot traffic, moisture, weight from furniture, and sunlight. This means that the flooring in these different areas of the house have to be able to withstand the pressure from these elements in the long run to maintain their shine.

Wood can be one of the expensive flooring choices in the home, but it is, without doubt, one of the most aesthetic and durable options. Wood flooring is not recommended in areas exposed to high levels of direct sunlight and can't be used in under-floor heating as it is prone to warping.

Although hardwood requires typical day to day maintenance, it is absolutely worth it, considering the fact that the flooring has to withstand high daily foot traffic.

The best areas for wood flooring in the home include - Living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms.

The floors of these common areas in the home suffer under the stress that stiletto heels and furniture feet give, which can seem damaging to wood flooring. However, these areas are one of the best for wooden floors in the home.

Wood flooring, especially hardwood, is the best flooring choice for these common rooms because wood floors offer durability with comfort and style. Hardwood also adds a rustic, high-end, first-class look to your living room.


If you are thinking of using hardwood in your kitchen, this should depend entirely on the nature of your household. Kitchens are not usually as wet as bathrooms, so you can consider having wood flooring in your kitchen. If your house is designed in such a way that people walk into the kitchen directly from the garage or pool deck, then the kitchen is not the best place for a wood floor.

The best possible wood flooring for a kitchen is solid hardwood planks, which are then stained and finished to put them in place. This finishing provides protection that would prevent penetration by water or any other liquids which can cause stains.


The natural appeal and visual warmth that hardwood gives make it a popular choice for bedroom flooring amongst homeowners. It is appealing from a design perspective.

Hardwood is suitable for bedrooms because it is non-allergenic. Its design is timeless and can always make you comfortable in your room even though it is colder than carpet flooring, which is the usual flooring, and it is usually noisy.


When you install no-slip threads and other precautions to hardwood installed at the stairs, then the wood's polished surface is no longer slippery and is therefore safe. The stairs often experience high amounts of traffic in the house, making hardwood an easy choice for its flooring. It balances comfort, durability, and design.

Hardwood stairs do not hold on to dirt like stairs with carpets and are very easy to maintain. Stairs made of hardwood also add world-class elegance to the home. Therefore, the stairs are definitely one of the best areas to use wood flooring in the house.

Library or Study

Wooden floors in rich and dark colours give a sense of formal serenity and elegance in a library or study room as it should be. When appropriately chosen, hardwood adds depth and unique character to the library.

The library's wooden floor can easily be complemented with a wooden desk with wooden chairs and a wall to wall wooden bookshelf, making the library look professional and classic at the same time.

You also want to avoid wood flooring in areas where you would house your pets or where your pets would be frequent visitors to. This is because wood is very prone to scratches from pets' claws, and urine stains can discolour hardwood.

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