A unique interior products collection.

As a homeowner, you know for a fact that the beauty and uniqueness of each item making up the interior of your home determines the aesthetics of your home.

This article aims to showcase some of the most unique products from all around the world.

Bird's Nest Lounger

This piece of furniture is a common choice for lounges in the home. Especially if you consider your lounge to be your little nest. This bird's nest lounger interprets the sentiment in literal terms as it is a cosy, comfortable space to relax, read or even cuddle.

It is essential not to forget the beauty this nest brings into the room with it. The nest gives an air of fun and cheerful fancy to any room in which it is present and therefore can brighten your day with each glance.

Nightbloom Collection by Lladro

This collection was inspired by natural flower petals and is the product of a collaboration between Lladro and Marcel Wanders. These white, porcelain lighting designs are sculpted in ceramic by hand with a sense of natural randomness.

This collection includes a floor lamp, a ceiling pendant lamp, a wall lamp and a desk lamp, each giving a three-dimensional relief pattern. The petal placement of each lamp allows the centre light to highlight the details on the surface of the lamp and brighten up any room with the right balance between light and shade.

This collection introduces elegance and splendour into every room it is placed in and is sure an excellent source of accent lighting.

Kyte Ceiling Fan

Though this ceiling fan is highly decorative, it is quite unusual. Made of nickel, this ceiling fan brings into the room a whisper of air movements in a big way. The fan is manufactured to resemble wind turbines as its two sleek blades stand apart creating a natural and clean aesthetic.

Competent in both functionality and design, this fan is not to be installed on angled ceilings as it can be hazardous.

Fancy Vent Covers

Your vent cover doesn't have to be boring. Fancy vents have been crafted to replace the regular louvred cold air return cover. It is handcrafted from steel and iron with a finish which creates a product that can last a lifetime.

Placing fancy vent covers in your homes shows you don't want your home to be bland, fancy vents spices up the interior.

Cloudy butterflies by Vista Alegre

Another product of a powerful collaboration between Vista Alegre and Claudia Schiffner, this vibrant collection is one of a kind. Cloudy butterflies is a collection of three decorative pieces in art glass. These pieces were blown and handled without mold, and the various colours were melted horizontally without mixing them.

If you are a lover of vibrant colours, this collection of vases is meant for you, and you can also gift it to a loved one. The colours of these vases are naturalistic, and they bring nature into the home, creating an air of warmth wherever it is placed.

Adonis Chandeliers

This chandelier collection was made to have objects that will be with us forever. Adonis collection is inspired by the floral tradition of the Dutch and blended with Murano glassmaking and features flowers as its distinctive feature.

Comprising six chandeliers in two different styles and a wall lamp with glass butterflies adorning the arms of this chandelier, this collection is an incredibly versatile product that is sure to withstand the test of time.

Acoustic tiles for the walls

The acoustic tiles are made of reused PET and suitable in any room and for any style. These tiles are available in a standard size of 600 x 600 mm. They are available in different patterns which can be combined as it suits you.

This wall panel can either be mounted away from the wall or glued to the wall directly. Either way, it still enhances the appearance of the room and fills the room with finesse.

Diamond sideboard by Boca Do Lobo

The Diamond sideboard is a luxurious object full of lusciousness and desire. It has been projected to be the crown of the brand from Portugal. This sideboard is a pure reflection of expertise and craftsmanship.

Made of the finest craftsmanship that arose from the perfect blend between innovative skills and historical art, the sideboard has two sculpted doors that have a gold lining in its interior together with a shelf and two drawers. You can never go wrong with this sideboard.

It is without a doubt that having one or two items in this list in your interior can switch up your decor game. Don't forget to have fun while giving your space the class and style it deserves!

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